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Gavel Tags™are an extension of your in-person auction built to increase sales volume

Sell Alongside Your Live Auction

Use Gavel Tags™ to seamlessly sell lots alongside your live event.

Easily Expand Your Auction

Expand your auction to include multi-day sales & increase revenue.

Move Leftover Inventory Effortlessly

Move remaining inventory using Gavel Tags™ to sell lots quickly and easily.

Increase Volume & Grow Your Business

Add a dedicated digital auction to double your sales volume with little effort.

Get the Most out of High Value Lots

Auction high-value lots over multiple days to boost final bid amounts.

Move Hard To Sell Items Easily

Consolidate hard to sell items into digital lots to sell quickly and easily.

Technology that compliments your in-person auction with simple integration and easy management.

In-person auctions are hard work and require significant investment. You’ve already done the setup, the scheduling, the promotions, why wouldn’t you want to double or triple your volume?

Here's How it Works

Select How Many Lots For Sale

Step 1


Step 2

Print & Attach Gavel Tags™


Step 3

Watch The Real-Time Bidding


Create hundreds or thousands of lots in just minutes. 

See how reverse logistics wholesaler Retail Rebel grew from 100 pallets to over 2,500 pallets per week with Gavel Tags™

“Gavel was not only a solution for us to grow, but it also became the reason. We had no idea that giving our buyers a better experience that it would be almost as important as having better product.“
-Retail Rebel Leadership Team

Integrate Gavel Tags™as an Additional or Primary Revenue Stream

All you have to do is stick Gavel Tags™ on the lots you want to sell. That’s it. You can literally double your auction volume in minutes. Why limit your auctions to 100 lots per week when you can be selling 200, 500 or more?

Bidder Verification and Accountability

Ensure bidder accountability with detailed contact info, credit card verification, and analytics.

Scan to Bid Gavel Tags™ Technology

Gavel Tags™ bidding provides enhanced security and a more convenient bidder experience.

Lightning Fast Real-Time Bidding

Accelerate sales and increase competition with fractional-second real-time bidding.

Convenient Stripe Mobile Payment

Simple and convenient payment transactions for bidders and auctions.

Clerking, Reporting, and Analytics

Streamline operations with efficient clerking, invoicing, and reporting.

App Reliability and Data Security

App reliability, secure data, and app protection to safeguard auction integrity.

"Our Gavel custom app was not only a solution for us to grow, but it also became the reason. We had no idea that giving our buyers a better experience that it would be almost as important as having better product."

Gavel Tags™ are designed to increase in-person auction profits with four proven methods.

#1. Increase Your Sales Volume

Integrate Gavel Tags as an additional revenue stream. Run your digital auctions alongside your live auctions, auction remaining inventory effortlessly, and extend your auctions over multiple days.

#2. Reduce Your Workload

Create auctions with hundreds or even thousands of lots in just minutes. Say goodbye to the hassles of lot scheduling, sequencing, and calling bids lot-by-lot. Simply print the Gavel Tags and let the bidders do the rest.

#3.  Mobile Bidding Increases Revenue

Mobile bidding increases accessibility for high-value bidders who may not be able to stay for the entire auction. The convenience of mobile access also provides bidders more opportunity to strategize which has shown to increase final bid amounts.

#4Powerfully Simple Management

Gavel Auction Software streamlines auction management from start to finish. Bidder registration verifies each user to ensure accountability. Mobile payment expedites transactions and offers customer convenience. Clerking and reporting provide robust and comprehensive tools and data.

Proven by existing customers we have right now doing over a half million dollars per month in auctions and selling thousands of lots per week.

Personalized Setup

Sit back and relax as our dedicated account manager takes charge. They'll expertly handle every aspect of your account setup and training

Comprehensive Support

We ensure you have the skills and knowledge to take full control of your auctions, making the process simple and efficient.

Innovative Solutions

Leverage Gavel's cutting edge technology to quickly and easily grow your business and engage your bidding community.

Auction Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

•Wholesale Liquidation Auctions 

•Heavy Equipment Auctions

•Industrial/Commercial Auctions

•Real Estate Auctions

•Estate Sale Auctions

•Livestock Auctions

•Vehicle Auctions

•Arts, Antiques, & Collectibles •AuctionsCharity/School Auctions

On average Gavel users have seen a +315% increase in revenue.

Gavel Tags and your custom branded app are designed to increase your sales volume, streamline your operations, and boost your profits effortlessly. No steep learning curve, no disruptions to your current operation, and very little manpower required to setup and manage.


Proof Is In The Numbers

Increased Price Per Lot


Total Bids Per Lot


Increased Bids Overall


Unsold Lots


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