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3 Simple Steps to Revolutionize Your Estate Sale

Simply print and attach our unique QR codes and watch your customers drive revenue in real-time.

Select How Many Lots For Sale

Step 1


Step 2

Print & Attach QR Codes


Step 3

Watch The Real-Time Bidding


Here's How it Works


We provide each of your estate sales with a unique QR code, granting your customers direct access to your event. Your QR code can be shared seamlessly on your website, via email, in newsletters, or even on physical signage. 

If your customers have not yet downloaded Gavel, your QR code will take them directly to the app store where Gavel is ready to be downloaded. 


Gavel’s platform is built for simplicity, welcoming bidders of all tech levels to easily join the excitement. Each lot is assigned a unique QR code. Customers simply scan the QR code and enter their bid amount. Bidders can personalize lots with notes, curate a watchlist, and easily track their winning or losing status. 

Gavel leverages bidder psychology and data science to optimize bidder engagement. Through real-time fractional second bidding and strategic gamification, Gavel stimulates competitive bidding resulting in increased revenue.  


Gavel's Popcorn bidding is where the magic happens - it turns the final minutes of your auction into a profit powerhouse. Popcorn bidding is designed to prevent bid sniping and adds :30 to each lot but only for a maximum of 5 minutes. Popcorn pops bids higher, keeps bidders engaged, and drives up to 50% more revenue into your bucket.

When the auction is over bidders are guided to a clear finish where they can see their auction victories and missed opportunities. It's the perfect tool for a simple and satisfying post-auction experience. With flexible integrations or in-app payment, collecting payment and scheduling pickups is a breeze.


Maximize Your Estate Sale Earnings By Engaging Your Buyers

With Gavel, you have the flexibility to choose how you want to sell. Whether you want to use Gavel for your entire estate or just for the key items that you want to generate the most revenue, the choice is yours. Gavel’s unique real-time bidding system and easy-to-use QR codes can be applied to any item, making every lot a potential goldmine.

Personalized Setup

Sit back and relax as our dedicated account manager takes charge. They'll expertly handle every aspect of your account setup and marketing

Comprehensive Support

We ensure you have the skills and knowledge to take full control of your auctions, making the process simple and efficient.

Innovative Solutions

Leverage Gavel's cutting edge technology and marketing expertise to captivate and engage your bidding community.

On average Gavel users have seen a +315% increase in revenue.

Gavel is designed to maximize engagement through gamified real-time bidding, instant interactions, and intuitive features that encourage competitive bidding and higher spending. Gavel is fully customizable, allowing you to white-label it with your branding, giving you complete control over your estate sales and redefine auction success.

gavel auction software interface designed for maximum user engagement

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