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  • What Are The Benefits of Using Gavel?
    Gavel's simplicity ensures that your business can quickly adopt and integrate into your operation without extensive training or resources. We minimize barriers to entry and streamline auction management, lot building, and pickup to reduce your workload and ensure success. A key advantage of Gavel is its unique ability to enhance revenue generation and increased bidding using advanced data science and bidder psychology. Our platform is gamified to capture the attention of participants and drive competitive engagement. This dynamic experience is proven to substantially increase revenue by up to 300%. Gavel can also provide a custom-branded app to reinforce your brand recognition. This positively impacts bidder confidence and participation ensuring maximum return on investment. Our customer support also sets us apart. Your dedicated account manager will guide you through onboarding and ensures your business is always running smoothly. Gavel's simplicity in implementation, user-friendly interface, and gamified bidding experience all contribute to increased revenue and your success.
  • How Quickly Can I Be Up and Running? 
    Gavel prides itself on its quick and simple implementation and integration. The straightforward onboarding process along with your dedicated Account Manager means you can launch your auction in days rather than weeks. Gavel's commitment to a fast and efficient onboarding process underscores it's dedication to providing you with an extremely simple and hassle-free solution for successful auctions.
  • How Much Does Gavel Cost?
    We are committed to providing competitive pricing that aligns with your business needs. For to explore how Gavel can be a cost-effective solution for your auction needs, reach out to our team directly at 816-583-0423 or email anthony@segistics.io Contact us for a personalized discussion on how Gavel can be a cost-effective solution by increasing revenue for your business.
  • How Does Gavel Compare to the Competition?
    Gavel stands out from the crowd with its unique features and proven results. We'll get you up and running in days, not weeks, and you'll always have the support you need to ensure your auctions success. Simple Implementation Gavels streamlined implementation process allows businesses to get their auctions up and running in a matter of days, reducing the time and resources required for training and setup compared to other software that may take weeks or months. Comprehensive Support Gavel provides dedicated account managers and support to guide your business to success. Maximum Engagement Maximizes Revenue Gavel has a proven track record of increasing revenue by over 300% through strategic use of data science, bidder psychology, and gamification. By driving bidder engagement and maximizing auction success, Gavel is a powerful to help businesses achieve maximum financial return. Designed For Mobile Experience Gavel is optimized for real-time bidding with zero latency, allowing for faster and more efficient bidding. This enables a higher volume of bids to take place and maximizes your revenue. Gavel provides a more intuitive and engaging experience for user that translates to more satisfied customers willing to spend more money.
  • Can Gavel Integrate With My Existing Point of Sale?
    Absolutely! Gavel can integrate with your existing POS system. We have the capability to implement with most POS systems, ensuring a seamless integration process. Additionally, we offer custom integrations to cater to specific business needs. Contact us at 816-583-0423 or email anthony@segistics.io
  • What Types of Auctions Does Gavel Provide?
    Gavel provides a range of auction types to accommodate your needs. Whether you prefer online only auctions, in-person auctions, or a combination of both online and in-person, Gavel is designed to ensure maximum bidder engagement. Regardless of the auction type, Gavel's features and gamified environment drive competitive participation to ensure your auctions success.
  • How Many Auctions Can I Run?
    With Gavel, there is no limit to the number of auctions you can run. Gavel is powered by Google so whether you want to host multiple auctions concurrently or schedule them sequentially, our platform can accommodate your needs. Gavel's scalable infrastructure ensures that you can run as man auctions as you need, allowing for flexibility and growth for your business.
  • How Many Bidders Can I Have?
    With Gavel's real-time bidding, there is no limit to the number of bidders you can have. Our platform ensures zero latency, enabling a seamless and instantaneous bidding experience. Gavel drives increased bidder engagement leading to a higher volume of bids and ultimately maximizing your revenue.
  • Can I Customize Gavel to My Specific Needs?
    Absolutely! Gavel can be fully customized to your specific needs. This includes custom branding, seamless integrations, and even custom features and functionality to accommodate your business needs.
  • How is My Data Secured & Who Owns My Data?
    We prioritize the security and privacy of your data. You retain full ownership of your data and we do not claim any ownership rights over the data you store and process on our platform. Gavel is powered by Google which provides industry leading security and data protection. With Gavel, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and you have full ownership and control over it.
  • Can I manage shipping with Gavel?
    Gavel provides you with the ability to notify your customers of your shipping policies but at this time we do not have a built-in shipping tool. We do offer custom solutions and shipping integrations for enterprise clients.
  • Do customers get text or email alerts when they get outbid?
    Gavel ensures you stay ahead of the competition with real-time updates and alerts. Bidders receive instantaneous notifications when they are outbid. These notifications are conveniently delivered through text message, email, and in-app alerts based on your user preferences.
  • How do bidders make payments on items they win?
    Bidders have several options available to them for managing payments on the items they've won. Gavel will provide the convenience of in-app bidder registration and payment, allowing users to effortlessly handle transactions within the app. Alternatively, users can choose to manage their payments independently, using Gavel solely for displaying bidder totals and invoicing. We also offer the option to integrate Gavel with your existing payment processor for a seamless payment experience. Our aim is to provide a flexible and user-friendly payment solution for all users.
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